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Hello world! May 3, 2007

Posted by Tim Coleman in Introduction.

As part of my foundation training I need to complete a project which is related to Methodist theology and spirituality. This is it.

I am trying to explore how Fresh Expressions of Church and Methodism work together and I want to do this using a series of questions and comments and invite others (you) to contribute. By this process I hope to gain insight of what it is that makes Methodism Methodist and what should be the distinctive elements of the Methodist Church in the years to come.

I hope that this process will be helpful to others too.

I have posted a few questions under separate tabs which should create streams of discussion.

I have now posted  a number of  questions, using elements of Methodist Theology, spirituality and I guess ecclesiology to see just what is key in Methodism for a fresh expression of Church.

There is also one question on the effectiveness of this type of forum for this sort of discussion, please take a moment to give me your opinion.

Occasionally I revist a question, adding to it or clarifying because I am still testing my own thinking and reflecting on my own perceptions, so it’s worth checking back every now and then just to see what’s changed. I am working on a conclusion of sorts, I’m not entirely sure that it is  possible but its worth a try.

The project has been assessed and it passed (65%) which I am quite happy about. Thanks to all who have contributed, I hope that it has been and will continue to be useful to others. I intend to keep the project running.